For gym owners who are busy running their business, Great American Gyms offers a Marketing System that brings in new members automatically.

Being a prominent business owner is back-breaking labor, although people far from this sphere think the opposite. It’s okay that you’re looking for a way to promote and grow your business automatically — there’s no reason to spend your time on tasks that can be performed by computer algorithms. However, you can automatize everything. Well, you own a gym and dream of creating a chain of gyms across the country — use automatization marketing solutions to do it, but don’t forget that you need to write catchy posts on social media to attract more prospective clients. That’s why you should use a custom paper writing service. Experts handle different tasks, including social media posts. Don’t think that college papers are everything you can order there. These services focus on helping students with homework, but it doesn’t mean that experts haven’t mastered other types of content to help even business owners.

We use unique marketing funnels to build a relationship with the prospects, turning website visitors into paying customers while you stay focused on your gym.

Harness the power of automation

We Help You...

Get Noticed

We use the power of Optimization and paid Google Search to help people who are looking for a gym, to find yours

Generate Leads

Start fresh or re-vamp your cuccrent site. Our web design team will turn your website into a lead generating machine

sign Members

Once you have leads, use the power of automation to nurture those leads and convert them into paying members

Work Smarter, Not Harder

As a gym owner, you or someone on your team is constantly responding to prospective clients, answering questions and prompting people to come in for a free trial, beginner class, consultation, or some other on-boarding step. But how much time is spent writing the same emails?

Great American Gyms uses automated email series to give prospects the information they crave, instantly, without you lifting a finger. Have prices, class times, beginner information and next steps all composed in a personalized email series that builds a relationship with the prospect before they ever step foot through the door.

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Use your Website as a tool

Your gym, your salary, and everything you do is courtesy of the revenue generated by your members. The easiest way to make more money is to get more members. But sometimes attracting new members can be a lot of work. Facebook ads, Google, and other forms of advertising can be confusing.

What if I told you there’s an easier way? Because there is. Every day people visit your website. The majority of visitors come and go without a trace. All these potential clients disappear without you ever knowing they were there.

At Great American Gyms, we’ve come up with a strategy that collects contact information from visitors, and then follows up with them using the email series we discussed in Part One. Those emails turn people who are slightly interested into very interested. And very interested into members.


Member Acquisition

While it’s true that MindBody and some of the other common gym marketing platforms do offer email automation, it’s much different. Those platforms have some good features for member retention or sending members a “Happy Birthday!” email. That’s not what we do. Our marketing system is built to bring in new members, and not to limited maintaining a relationship with existing members. It can be used for both, but that’s not our primary goal.

Our current clients see an average of 1-4 mailing list sign-ups per day. That means you can expect to communicate with 30-120 people in a thirty-day period. That’s a lot of leads.

That’s 30-120 people who you are actively building a relationship with, and getting an edge over your competitors.

The bottom line is, people will opt-in to your mailing lists to view prices if they’re really truly interested, and that’s exactly the type of person you want to be marketing to.

The price was set with the cost of on an average monthly unlimited membership in mind. The way we see it is, even if our system only EVER got you one member, the service would pay for itself. And we expect it to bring in a lot more than one member. We want to make this service a no-brainer, so a 1-to-1 member-to-service cost ratio is like a screaming bargain.

Most likely.

Nope! Everything is included in the price.

At this time we are not asking for any term-length commitment. Try us out, and cancel at any time.

Web Design

In many cases, yes. However, we typically prefer to completely re-work a website from top to bottom, making sure it’s up to our standards. We can certainly build you a brand new site and connect it to your existing domain name.

Yes! You will have a log-in to a WordPress website (The most common and user-friendly website platform in the world) and have full access to all it’s content. That means you can add blog posts, change coaches, update pricing, etc.

Yes! The Foundation Monthly package is an ongoing agreement that includes basic web maintenance and changes. Got a new coach? We’ll add them for you. Need to update your prices? We’ll handle it!

Nope! Cancel any time without any penalties.

Create & Use Leverage

You may be wondering what we meant in Part Two by “we collect contact information from visitors“. Through our research we’ve determined that most visitors will view your prices and then move on. They jump around from gym to gym comparing rates, looking for the best deal.

Don’t be judged solely by your prices. By requiring people to opt-in to your mailing list to receive your prices via email, you’ll have the opportunity to follow up with them and put your best foot forward, helping you to stand apart from the competition using our Member Funnel email marketing system.

About Me

Years ago, my wife Sarah and I started CrossFitting as a way to get in shape. We didn’t know it at the time, but CrossFit would change our lives forever…

Fast forward five years to today. Not only have we both made significant progress with our fitness, but we’ve also identified and began pursuing our passions.

For Sarah, that meant becoming a full-time coach. For me, that means building websites for gyms and helping with their marketing. More specifically, with their client acquisition.

We never want to stop growing, learning and improving. And firmly believe that going after your dreams is paramount in the pursuit of happiness. My mission is to help gym owners be more successful living our their dreams, by helping them with their website and marketing.

Bart Griffin

Owner of Great American Gyms

Customers reviews

Love working with Bart! He is professional, responds quickly, is easy to communicate with, and truly makes an effort to understand our business needs and what is best for us!
Molly Hitt
Bart has done everything he said he would and more for our company. We are happy with our experience both past and present. He has helped us streamline our prospect management and kept us from wasting time on uninterested potential clients. We get compliments on our response times, our video, and our website as a result of Bart's work.
Chad Andrews
IronHide CrossFit
Bart is an amazing marketing and creative talent. He designed and built the website for our company, and continues to handle the marketing (strategic and technical) for our business. His design is beautiful, and creative, and his implementation is amazing. Bart can really execute!
Stephen Hitt

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Build A Contact List

Building a list of potential clients is the most important thing you can do. With this valuable list of interested people, you can hit them up any time you have promotions, special offers, upcoming events, free trial sessions, newsletters, or anything else they may want to know about.

Become Fully Automated

Save SO MUCH time with a fully automated system that collects prospect information, reaches out to them, follows up with them, educates them, and then feeds them to you once they are ready to buy.

Easy Follow-Up With Leads

Ever received junk mail? Everybody has, which is why sometimes your emails to prospects will get lost in their inbox. That's why it's important to follow up consistently, to be heard through the noise.

Show Off Your Brand

We don't just make templates or one-size fits all websites. We build a custom website with your branding and personality in mind.

Establish Credibility

When shopping for a gym, visitors need to feel like your business is credible. One way of doing that is by having a killer website that looks clean and professional.

Look Good On Mobile

A design that adjusts to the screen size and looks good whether viewed on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Get New Prospects

Our 'Member Funnel' system puts prospects in the hopper, educates them about your gym and then feeds them to you once they're ready to take the next step.